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A word from the founder of Matria

Born in the spring of 1990 in Saint-Denis (93), I spent part of my adolescence with my paternal grandmother who told me endlessly about our family history. The photographs of our ancestors were a real treasure in my eyes and I in turn took my camera to immortalize each family reunion. 

Researcher and curator of a family history that is renewed with each new generation, my appetite for genealogy has been accentuated by the provision of 2.0 tools which have revolutionized research methods. And it was at the dawn of my 30 years, devoured by my passion, that I made the decision to embark in my turn in the creation of a new tool: Matria

Little by little, Matria became obvious. Everyone has at home photographs of our ancestors or strangers and, at the time of digitization, a platform that would allow us to share, identify and find the faces of our ancestors had to be set up. Is there no greater joy than being able to finally discover the face of your ancestor? To find the history of a photograph thanks to a rigorous collective work? Or even to give to descendants the photographs of their ancestors?

Having no skills to create a platform, I was lucky to be able to surround myself with a great team that gave birth to Matria in this year 2020. Our objective is ambitious and the site will see good progress thanks to your expectations as enthusiasts. 
Charlotte choubry

9 comments on “Un mot de la fondatrice de Matria

  1. Following the article in the Republican East, I discovered the site
    I will search for my very old photos
    I am passionate about genealogy
    Well done see you soon

  2. Good idea this site. Having no descendants and no more close family, all the photos that I collected as an amateur genealogist will disappear with me. by depositing them on Matria they will have a chance not to be forgotten. Well done!

    • Thank you Dominique Mellot!
      We are touched to be able to contribute to the preservation and dissemination of your work on our site. This is our primary objective and we continue to work on the tools offered in order to best meet the demands of families and genealogy enthusiasts. Thank you for your trust and sharing your beautiful collection.
      Best regards,
      The Matria team and Charlotte C.

  3. Hello to all the Matria team
    I wish you a happy new year 2021
    I found this site in the Republican and I find it really good the photos published will not be left in the forget Thank you
    But the comments I received are in English and I don't know English
    Thank you

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