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Rue de Gironde in Rozoy-en-Brie around 1908

Rue de Gironde in Rozoy-en-Brie, early 20th century. In the middle of rue Almédorine GRÉSY, widow of Charles Augustin BLONDEL and maternal grandmother of Alphonse Charles MELLOT. She lives nearby; Boulevard Amiral Courbet.
The woman on the sidewalk with the man's hand on her shoulder is Eugénie BASSIER, Almédorine GRÉSY's daughter-in-law.
This postcard is a family document.
The identification cross on the card is written by his grandson Alphonse MELLOT my paternal grandfather.

The photo is taken in front of the window of the Vannerot editions.

La carte a été colorisée sur internet.

Date Of Taking: c. 1906
Location : Rozay-en-Brie, Ile-de-France, France
Author : J.Bourgogne_ Printer in Château-Thierry
Photo studio : Vannerot editions
Number of persons : 1

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