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What do we know about the very first photograph?

Point of view of Le Gras, 1826 or 1827
Mr. Nicéphore Niépce 

The point of view of Le Gras is the first known photograph in history and it is a French achievement! It was captured by the French engineer Nicéphore Niépce (1765 - 1833), at the window of his country house, in Saint-Loup-de-Varennes in Burgundy.

Thanks to bitumen from Judea dissolved in lavender, coated on a polished tin plate and placed in a dark room for 10 hours, Niépce made the first photograph in history after ten years of research. We are talking about heliography.

He joined forces with the French painter Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre in order to perfect his achievements but died suddenly in 1833.
Daguerre will continue the latter's work and successfully create the daguerreotype, without associating the name of Niépce with it, who will be forgotten with his photograph ...

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