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Neighborhood friends in Livry-Gargan

7 friends from the neighborhood, carefree adolescence in full German occupation.
Top left to right:
1, Albert SZWARC
2, Bernard BACHEM
3,? (to identify)
4, Henri MELLOT
Down from left to right:
5, Emile?
7, Oscar SZWARC


The 7 friends are a good example of integration, 2 are of Polish origin, 2 of Italian origin, 1 of German origin, 2 of French origin.

Date Of Taking: c. 1942
Location : Livry-Gargan, Ile-de-France, France
Number of persons : 7
Person 1: Mr SZWARC Albert
Person 3: M?
Person 4: M MELLOT Henri
Person 5: M? Emile
Person 7: Mr SZWARC Roger

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