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Born March 16, 1899 - Plusquellec, 22160, Côtes-d'Armor

Took part in the Great War: Unit (s): 106th heavy artillery regiment (106th RAL), 105th heavy artillery regiment (105th RAL), 4th colonial artillery regiment (4th RAC), 420th artillery regiment heavy horse-drawn carriage (420th RALH), 15th military crew train squadron (15th ETEM), 3rd African Chasseur regiment (3rd RCA)
Home during the mobilization: Loguivy-Plougras (22)

François Marie THE POPE 1867-1951
Marie Valentine GUYOMARD 1868-1949

Married 23 September 1925, Lohuec, 22160, Côtes-d'Armor, to Marie Cécile CAM (LE) 1899-1982

Brothers and sisters :
Rolland François Marie THE POPE 1893-1914
Marie Louise THE POPE 1896-1896
Jean Marie THE POPE 1897-1973
Anne Marie Célestine THE POPE 1901-1902
Marcel Yves Marie Noël THE POPE 1903-1944
Antoine THE POPE 1906-1975
Marie Hélène THE POPE 1908-1990

(Geneanet file identifier: abgrall44)

Date Of Taking: July 8, 1920
Location : Syria
Author : unknown
Photo studio : unknown

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