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Collectors on Delcampe

The quest for your ancestors should also lead you to Delcampe!

This international marketplace, created in 2005 by Sébastien Delcampe, is dedicated to collectibles including old postcards and photographs of our ancestors!

You read correctly, many enthusiasts, collectors and photographers sell in lot or by unit, at a fixed price or at auction, for a few cents or more, the photographs of our ancestors; vintage, nostalgic, moving.

Some are identified while others are not so lucky. It is at this point that our story begins; that of finding the faces of our ancestors in his wandering photographs and handing them over to the descendants.

A chance that they are still in good hands and not in the trash!

For the anecdote, three postcards of Corsican families were sold at 1000 € each! Were they acquired by a descendant of these families?

The site link here:

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