Who are we ?

“The existence of an individual continues in the memory of others. It is the last bulwark against absolute nothingness, which is why it must be cultivated ” - Malagasy proverb

Portraits of our ancestors preciously preserved in an album of family or strangers forgotten in old boxes dusty, the photographs of our ancestors have been scattered over time in many families without knowing their true story. Others, wet finished disastrously in the trash in the absence ofe descendants or of interested buyers.

These photographs are however the first traces of DNA of our parents, faces of our homeland and witnesses of a bygone era.

Matria was therefore born from a desire to safeguard our old photographs!

It's your turn !

"The dead are not really dead until the living have forgotten them"  - Malagasy proverb

Scan and store

In the absence of appropriate care, photographs deteriorate over time and the intervention of an expert is often necessary for their restoration. The digitization allows a first saving of the photograph in its state even if it does not replace the original

Caption and share

Who ? When? Or ? Label your scans as much as possible thanks to the elements visible in the photograph, to the precious information written on the back or even thanks to the family stories that have been transmitted to you. Regarding the unknown faces, do not hesitate to relate all the details that will allow his descendants to find him more easily.

Helping each other is key!

What uniform is it? What period is this in your opinion? What is this street according to you? In 150 years, our society has changed rapidly and we do not always have the knowledge or tools that would allow us to identify information that is nevertheless crucial. But don't worry, our platform allows our users to help each other identify your photographs more precisely and new tools will gradually emerge ...

The team

Charlotte C.


Eric D.


Olga S.

Product Designer

Yassine E.

Product manager